early March update, and the question of what is the news really good for?

Even if all news coverage was fair and balanced and 100% truthful in it’s accuracy, people should still ask themselves if keeping up with news really helps their lives and contributes to their well-being. Given that many stories have negative overtones , it sometimes seems that watching the news faithfully everyday could be a recipe for chronic depression. Perhaps we don’t need the news every day…does news really elevate our consciousness or does it bring us down?

The Russia/Ukraine Crimean occupation situation which has dominated the media for last couple weeks has shown the simplistic thinking that is common among many mainstream media outlets. The historical background is glossed over with a couple of sentences and the overall tone seems to simply that it’s an invasion, a loss of sovereignty, and leading to war.  This black and white sensationalist overtone is perhaps driven more by laziness and the need for compelling headlines to draw people in but it does not serve to keep people well informed.  Events are framed as a revolution driven by a people struggling for democracy however there are some who say it’s a coup d’etat led by manipulative forces. What is the real truth? There is an alternative viewpoint that is worth looking at to fully understand the context of events that says that the overthrow of Ukraine’s government has been orchestrated by extremist right wing neo-Nazi forces supported by the US and the EU. You be the judge…also Russia’s media claims that they are allowed to have 25,000 strong presence under agreements signed years ago

Bitcoin suffered a major blow as it’s big exchange house MT. Gox filed for bankruptcy after a huge virtual theft

Are BPA-free plastics just as bad for us?

California’s drought leads to largest desalination plant in the Western hemisphere

The ambitious plan to solve the world’s energy problems -ITER , south of France

New magnetic material could boost future electronics

Not really huge impactful news but it’s interesting nonetheless- Snake eats crocodile after battle

New smartphone with privacy in mind- Blackphone

Acidification takes it toll as the Pacific Ocean continues to decline- 10 Million scallops lost in BC waters

Brazil dealing with drought

Michelle Obama promotes food label overhaul – while a step in the right direction, having GMO labeling would be good as well…


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