Mushrooms, Ebola, war in Iraq, robots , etc.

Mushrooms for Health and Mycoremediation– just wanted to draw attention to an amazing resource for learning about the power of mushrooms to heal our bodies and the soil that sustains us

Ebola lands in Spain – time to brew up some Fire Cider perhaps? if the spread intensifies over the coming months and an effective official response is lacking then old obscure folk remedies may be a viable option to help fight this nasty epidemic (this is not to say that the latest medical responses are useless as they clearly are highly useful but only if they respond in time and are available)

New mosquito-borne virus hitting Central and South America as well as the US

Canada joins the wargame mess trying to clean up America’s past interventions- Parliament approves airstrikes

Telepathy experiment sends first mental message

Shellshock: a critical vulnerability affecting Macs and Linux has been discovered

Facebook drone the size of a 747 could fly in 2015 transmitting Wi-fi

Pondering a world where robots threaten half of all jobs within the next couple decades

Variation of Universal Living Wage idea promoted- an idea we may be faced to confront as more and more jobs become automated

Supermassive black hole found in tiny galaxy






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