December is upon us!

There was a story that came out a couple of weeks ago about 3 billion gallons of fracking wastewater dumped into California aquifers that were supposed to be protected by the EPA. People don’t seem to understand that this fracking industry produces highly toxic wastewater that is not able to be properly cleaned and thus is dumped in huge quantities back underground into places that are deemed “safe” removing it from the natural hydrological cycle. This comes when the whole region is in a drought. Insanity! California agriculture is worth billions and yet will not be in the future if trends of overexploitation, overpopulation, and chemical contamination continue.

   Chief Science advisor in the UK warns that fracking could end up being as terrible as smoking, asbestos, or thalidomide for human health

In other news…A cricket farmer in Ontario has a booming business going selling crickets for human consumption

ex-NFLer quits football to produce food for the hungry….super inspiring!

Canada now the world leader in deforestation….shocking

Geoengineering (by various means including ‘chemtrails’) makes the mainstream news; could harm billions

Japan makes hyper realistic robots

China’s challenges of growth- 1000 new nuclear reactors, 50,000 solar farms , or 500,000 wind turbines needed

Mothers in Chile defy laws to give their children marijuana as medicine



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