Things to ponder…..

Are humans the only real invasive species? Ecologist Ken Thompson questions the wisdom of battling invasive species…

Can organic farming feed the world? New study says yes

Are BPA-free plastic containers just as hazardous? 

Can fungi be a solution to the problem of plastic pollution?

Are men giving up on women and society?

Is the US headed towards war with Russia? new legislation perhaps paves the way….

Stephen Hawking warns that AI could threaten humanity

China claims they will end organ harvesting from executed inmates on January 1st

Olive oil producers in trouble…

Sea otters and their amazing stabilising effects on an entire marshland ecosystem

Visual graph of top 10 processed food companies

Chernobyl drone video footage

Facial recognition vending machines….creepiness of tech continues

Canada makes strange move not to block trade in 76 endangered species…disgrace of governance and leadership continues



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