Apparently today is National Freedom Day….are we free?

On February 1st, 1865 President Lincoln signed an amendment outlawing slavery….a day worth remembering I’d say….

Brazil dealing with crippling drought– worst in 80+ years

Secrecy continues as Canadian government refuses to reveal cost of Iraq mission

Details emerge of electronic surveillance by the Canadian security apparatus

Tories launch new anti-terror bill in a shroud of secrecy– makes one wonder….what are they hiding?

Fracking triggers 4.4 earthquake in Alberta

An interesting analysis of the absurdity of US-Russia relations lately and how it relates to the money game

Psychiatry- a junk science? maybe….maybe not, perhaps light on evidence and heavy on drugpushing and labeling would be more accurate… any case it’s healthy to periodically reevaluate whether or not certain sectors of our society are actually serving our higher evolution

Zero Waste grocery store in Berlin– awesome!

GMO mosquitoes planned for release in the Florida Keys

How the CIA made Google– say it’s not true!







One thought on “Apparently today is National Freedom Day….are we free?

  1. Fracking causing earthquakes? But the experts said that wouldn’t happen! Turns out the experts were wrong.

    That zero waste store looks awesome!


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