7 years of trying to make sense of it all…..


Today is the 7 year anniversary of chaosandreason ; thanks for stoppin’ by!

There is no intention to stop the search for truth and direction in this increasingly absurd, beautiful and complicated world.  There are clear signs that we’re beginning to see diminishing returns on technology ; we’ve ignored the fundamentals for too long…clean air, food, water, love, and such. The fracking and oil bubbles have popped and economics at the larger levels is more about speculation and greed than real progress. There is a hunger for meaning amongst people who’ve been distracted for too long and had the rug pulled out from under them. We’ve come through a 500 year period where we’ve focused on mastering the physical, material world and yet we still can’t feed ourselves properly. Always I ask why?

There is a gaping wound that exists behind the facade of our civilization, a wound caused by the nature we’ve lost and continue to lose day by day in the pursuit of wealth. The beauty of nature is extremely hard to reproduce and many of the things we’ve built in place of it pale in comparison. Every day we have the opportunity to choose to focus on what matters and is sustainable yet often we choose the opposite.  We’ve become blind to seeing the beauty in simplicity, choosing instead to put the mind on a pedestal and overthink everything.

There is a dimension to this life beyond what we see with our eyes and think with our brains. The gut and the heart have wisdom for us too as well as all the other life we are surrounded by. Perhaps as individuals we can start by asking what is our purpose? Let’s stop running away from ourselves, slow down and get down to what really matters…….



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