Late August Food for Thought …

Butter good , margarine bad (just in case you had it backwards)

Places endowed with beautiful nature are less religious? the idea is that the inherent beauty of nature supplies some of the spiritual inspiration reducing the demand for organized religion to fill that role

Lawsuit Accuses Costco of Selling Shrimp Harvested by Slave Labor

In California, law firms have filed a class action lawsuit against Costco and its Thai seafood supplier, arguing that the company has knowingly sold shrimp whose harvesting relies on rampant human trafficking and forced labor. Men who have escaped from boats in this supply chain have testified to beatings, torture, execution-style killings and grueling 20-hour shifts. The suit seeks to block Costco from selling these shrimp unless they are labeled as the produce of slavery.  Democracy Now Aug, 20th

Transforming Media with an inspiring speaker, Dr. Kelly Neff


Oh and here’s one on the doom side of things China Tests the Most Dangerous Nuke of All Time

Interesting things you never knew about Kazakhstan Oil price crash shows the value of a diverse economy

Spotify and the creepiness factor

In the name of balance a good story …Grey wolves return to California for first time in 100 years


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