Fall Colours and Changes

Russia Becomes 10th Foreign Gov’t to Launch Airstrikes in Syria

Russia has become the latest foreign government to launch airstrikes into Syria after carrying out a series of attacks Wednesday. The move has sparked concern from U.S. officials, who say the Russian attacks did not hit ISIL but instead hit the rebel groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including at least one group trained by the CIA. The United States and Russia have long disagreed about the strategy in Syria, with the U.S. calling for Assad’s departure and Russia backing the Syrian president. Russia became at least the 10th foreign government to launch airstrikes in Syria this year. Other countries include the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.                          Democracy Now Oct 1/15

Lights gone out from civil war in Syria

Yes we’ve truly gone off the rails folks because now we’ve bottled air for profit …and here’s the weird thing- people are buying it

Peak coal is coming says Goldman Sachs (ethically questionable mega investment firm)

Not a big story by any means by I’ve included it for something ……different         Disabled wrestling in Japan


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