Mid October Update

6 hour work day rolled out in Sweden – brilliant ! in fact this is a logical step forward for everyone since more and more jobs are being automated (taken by machines)

Sexually transmitted Ebola? – really?! this from survivors of the disease

Gene patents likely dead after Australian high court decision– as it should be….

Colorado’s largest pot growing company being sued over pesticide use– it’s about time this issue has seen some coverage, in all these places where pot shops have sprung up there seems to be no consideration given to whether the medicine is organic and it seems that much of it isn’t

Iran’s parliament approves nuclear deal   – a major step forward from the situation before where Western politicians were openly talking of hostile invasions

Mushrooms being investigated to help honeybees led by Paul Stamets in Washington


Iraq considering calling on Russia’s airforce for internal battles

Facebook pays almost no tax in Britain – of course this is how most major corporations operate in order to maximise profits but surely this seems unreasonable


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