The Prime Force of Destruction Revealed…..?


Is the prime force of destruction in the world today our hunger for the flesh and products derived from animals?

Just finished watching Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret last night, a documentary that makes a convincing case for veganism as the path forward to solve most of the world’s environmental problems- including water issues, deforestation, overfishing, world hunger, and dead zones in the oceans.

What I liked about this film was how it looked at issues holistically in a larger context comparing impacts with the often reviled oil and gas industries. I also loved how the filmmaker went to the largest environmental organizations and asked why they weren’t making more of an issue out of animal agriculture as being a root cause of much of what ails us. (they choose instead to focus on industrial polluters such as fracking, pulp and paper, etc.)

The film is convincing in it’s delivery and leaves one with the impression that we’ve had it wrong all along, ignoring our dinner plates and focusing instead on the usual suspects-toxic chemicals, plastic bags, recycling, etc. Of course these are all important issues on their own but the film argues that the global collective impacts of animal agriculture are orders of magnitude greater than these all together and that since we are really headed for collapse so rapidly as we muddle through this great extinction phase we need more drastic measures to reverse the tide. The film does address grassfed meat as well and the reality is that we don’t have enough land to fulfill the growing need for more ethically raised meat even if we wanted to on a worldwide level, moral issues aside.

Cowspiracy will not appeal to those who are afraid of change and are unwilling to take a hard look at their own habits in a global context. Nor will it appeal to those who like balanced films providing a lot of input from both sides of an issue. This is really a pointed call to action that takes a black & white approach to an uncomfortable issue- the slaughter of animals to satiate our tastebuds.







in the news…..

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China’s coal bubble : 155 plants on the drawing board despite overcapacity : Greenpeace report

Post-antibiotic resistance era imminent (no thanks to animal agriculture I might add)

Turkey shoots down a Russian airplane near Syrian border

Drone injury lawyers now a reality

Solar wind triggers lightning on Earth

White House acknowledges threats to power grid from solar storms begins to plan response

Underwater gardens off Italy’s coast


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