Climate deal reached and other world affairs…..

THE PARIS CLIMATE DEAL (quick review from 3 sources, full analysis pending)

195 nations gathered in France to agree on a way to address a changing climate and it seems they’ve finally made a deal which may mean something after failing in previous years to make progress ; the first such conference dating back 20 years to 1995

NBC article paints the climate deal as resting on a shaky foundation and highlights the critics’ assertions that it doesn’t go far enough; deal seen only as a starting point

This Sydney article does a nice job of rounding out the coverage with more details and info

All in all, seems to be at least a starting point despite the glaring omission of animal agriculture as a major contributor. Most of the focus is on fossil fuels; forest preservation will be key to meeting any kind of targets and the real challenge is how to subdue man’s greed……

but hey at least one climate activist had a good time ! 1449928232208

full analysis still pending


Major shift as Venezuela ditches socialist rule after 17 years

‘Phantom menace’ superbug on the rise

Oxfam study claims richest 10% cause half of the world’s climate problems

Indian government trying to round up gold

Commodities producers being slaughtered, perhaps it’s a good thing overall in the grand scheme of things…..perhaps future growth will really only be possible in the virtual realm as we reach these physical limits…..

Do dolphins communicate via sound generated pictograms?

Cop rescues donkey …and there was much rejoicing donkey





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