January 22/16- What’s going on and where are we headed?

Iran sanctions lifted

Manatees and green sea turtles rebounding– good news!

Robot polices the Great Barrier Reef killing starfish

World’s largest meatpacker testing robot butchers– automation continues….robots for slaughter…seems rather fitting; leaving the moral issues aside for now as far as meat goes…….

Giant hidden planet could be out there, Caltech astronomer- Planet X renamed Planet Nine


China’s official growth doubted- 6.8% vs. 1%- global deflation underway as the wheels come off

New mosquito-borne virus causes birth defects in Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines; travel warning issued by CDC

Living Without Money

4 New Elements for the Periodic Table


Denmark and it’s struggles with immigration- now they’re debating confiscating wealth and setting up slums outside of main cities….

Temporary housing seeing a boom as people increasingly want/need flexibility – the future of housing?

The immigration crisis is just the tip of the iceberg as economic change could usher in even greater migrations

Gumball Video describing the scale of poverty and the hidden dimensions of immigration


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