So you think you’re having a bad day? Think again…..

Will start with the bad and finish with the good this week…..

A few countries are lining up to invade Syria – UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

Russia claims Turkey is prepared to invade as well… if it wasn’t messy enough….sending prayers to these poor people now massing by the thousands on the borders of Turkey and elsewhere fleeing the madness

Who owns the Zika virus? this rather obscure article says that Zika is a commodity traded and sold , seems crazy but could it be true? Other articles are questioning whether the link to microcephaly in babies is even proven adequately…..Another article questions whether it was genetically modified mosquitoes released in 2012 that are the culprit    and  Yet there are still folks thinking that more genetic modification is the solution.…the WHO is ready to give the go-ahead to releasing GM mosquitoes- messing with the web of life to save ourselves , could this have unintended consequences? Desperation breeds lazy science and radical measures I suppose……

Japan sets a negative interest hoping to boost economy so this is what it’s come to eh? bad sign indeed

The privacy and security risks of smart gadgets– smart comes with a price

Ibogaine turns around the lives of those with addiction

Psychology and your gut– the connection has long been ignored but it’s there

Aussies develop ocean cleaning contraption

Robots farm lettuce in Japan – more jobs go poof!

Morocco has a new massive solar plant up and running

saharan solar

Regrowing rainforests absorb more carbon


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