Freedom, Lies, Science, and some Good News!

Good news! They finally plugged that awful methane leak in Southern California, which has been described by some as the worst environmental disaster since the BP spill

The science world was geeked about the big discovery of two black holes colliding provibinary-black-holeng the existence of gravitational waves

Inexpensive saliva test could detect cancer being worked on by California researchers

The fraudulent nature of the core of our economic system highlighted- workings of the Federal Reserve at the heart of monetary policy

Bill Gates’ philanthropy being questioned…..

Israeli boycotts to be made illegal…seems like a loss of freedom really….

What if we only had one time zone for the whole world?

In the health file – a few more notes on Zika…..Is Zika simply a lie to create profits for drug companies? The virus has been around since the 1950s and the links right now are still not totally conclusive……yet officials are warning people not to get pregnant…it’s unprecedented … it pays to ask more questions and not believe everything you read ……never stop questioning and thinking critically. Our survival and freedom depends on us using these critical faculties as we navigate challenging times….


3 thoughts on “Freedom, Lies, Science, and some Good News!

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