Capricorn Full Moon — Plastic! A major issue…

Canada apparently has 7 million tonnes of plastic stockpiled now since China stopped taking in recycling as of 6 months ago… there are reports of an influx of trash along coasts perhaps even greater than the Japanese tsunami- could this be in response as other countries are overwhelmed?

SolutionsA Plastic-Free Life – is it possible? – One author says yes….

Mumbai bans plastic bags and bottles

Coconut-fibre plates in the works as well as a full ban on bags and straws in Samoa by Jan

Paper vs. plastic in the supermarket – “study found paper ones were only better than plastic if they were used four or more times, but that was unlikely due to durability of paper bags”

Get involved!Cleanups scheduled for the BC coast in July and August….

The toll of plastic revealed- hard truth alert!

The plastic issue is not going away anytime soon…it’s incumbent upon each and every one of us to break the addictions to convenience we’ve unwittingly cultivated and become much more intentional about the way we live.


Fakebook blamed for the demise of the elephant by not doing enough to shut down illegal trade

Red meat allergies in southern US on the rise- caused by lone star tick- nature fights back?

Swedes are getting microchipped- bizarre…..


Pisces New Moon

Another Pisces New Moon? The February New Moon was actually in Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces and I had mistakenly posted it as Pisces…..only human after all…..


Interesting stories have come to light lately…..

In China Xi Jinping has assumed lifetime dictator status

Italy is in political uncertainty after a divided vote

Stephen Hawking passed on at 76- a brilliant mind who defied his limitations and lived longer than any human has with ALS

This article looks at some of the big questions that he pondered/worked on and what he warned for our future

Earth’s magnetic field weakening under Africa- pole flip?

Microplastics found in bottled water– not really surprising is it?

Cryptojacking emerges as a thing..…computers are stealthily hijacked and used for mining the virtual currency

meanwhile Google bans crypto ads and some estimate the mining is no longer even profitable

Scientists unlock more secrets of Jupiter

World’s longest undersea tunnel in Japan weighs usage balance of freight vs. people

Virgo Full Moon

Practical tips for reducing Wifi exposure  (the debate over whether wireless radiation is carcinogenic rages on but why not reduce exposure until we get it sorted?)

1) put a timer on your router so that it is not transmitting when you go to bed

2) log into your router using the IP address (something like type that into a browser and then enter a password which your ISP (internet service provider should have given you. There should be a setting to turn down the strength of the signal (by default they are often set to reach out 300 ft which is overkill) Most people could turn it down to 20-30% with no loss of functionality.

3) Don’t sleep or spend long periods of time next to your router!

Shielding EMF improves auto-immune disease


Hackers break into cars now– is this “smart” tech?

Netherlands has a drug problem; police are stretched thin- is it a “narco-state”?

Norway recently dominated the winter olympics but did you know they are also updating their doomsday vault safeguarding the world’s seeds?

Anti-bacterial wipes pointless- bacteria grow back in 20 minutes

Your shampoo and deodorant are likely as bad as car exhaust


Cancer Full Moon kicks off 2018

Blessings to you all for this year ahead! my deepest wish for you is that it be filled with vibrant health, love and prosperity


This entry will be a little all over the place reviewing some stories that stuck out from the last year and other random tidbits….enjoy!

Maybe you drank too much last night… about some sound healing in the Temple of Sacred Sound?

The year started with inspiration from the Iceman Wim Hof – this excellent 39 minute video tells his amazing story so well – this led to me personally exploring ice therapeutically and doing polar bear swims

VisualCapitalist produced an articles that highlights the top infographics for 2017 related to markets and trends If you’re not familiar with them, infographics are great for visual learners….

The loss of jobs to robots continued – here is one example from Japan – major questions remain as to how humanity will cope with increasing populations and decreasing numbers of jobs due to automation….

The war on cash continued- India was frontline in this struggle  also major players such as VISA have a vested interest in having all transactions go digital…...

Russia has made plans to go biometric for banking services– although optional, it marks a continuing worldwide trend

Lyme disease quietly continued to rise – it may even be implicated in Alzheimer’s and autism in some people- the effects are far more wide-reaching than we realize….physicians are not well versed in treatment protocols generally either…

Facebook could be more powerful than the NSA (or is it already?) in less than 10 years– intriguing article asking good questions about what we’re really buying into by relying on one company for all our connections & our conformist ways of simply doing what everyone else is doing

In China social network profiles are being set up to be official ID

7 Notable Scientific Breakthroughs of 2017

Light pollution finally got some coverage in the media

Bolivia declared independence from IMF and World Bank

Geoengineering continued….or is it all just made up? You be the judge…

US military recognizes ecosystem dynamics – plants oysters to mitigate storm damage

BBC just released a great piece covering the threats to and slow death of the Nile river

Watershed cyberattack disrupted critical infrastructure

Volcanoes to watch in 2018

Japanese government warns of possible megaquake

In-depth look at Yugas (epochs)-author floats 2025 as possible end date of current Kali Yuga followed by earth changes (aka cataclysms)

Vending machines for the homeless

Patent exists for surveillance using smart meters (plus they are apparently fire hazards)


Sagittarius New Moon, 2017 fades into Winter’s darkness….

New breach shows hackers able to disrupt critical infrastructure

Birth control pill triples women’s suicide rates

Recycling getting more difficult as China no longer wants to deal with contaminated streams

Engineered Seedless Avocadoes so that people don’t cut themselves ?!Insanity!

Nova Scotia bans declawing cats– good news! It’s a barbaric and absurd practice!

World’s youngest island

Motorcycle accidents/deaths more common during full moons

December 2017 – Gemini Full Moon

High Arctic commercial fishing ban agreed on by several countries – good news!

Fish farm processing plant threatens wild salmon in Canada

Tobacco companies admit to engineering enhanced addictiveness


Light pollution worldwide on the rise (partially driven by the long term cost effectiveness of LEDs)…on a related note I otfen wonder how trees and plants feel about all the lighting we have on at night…….

Scientists succeed in breeding coral to help Great Barrier Reef– can it be scaled enough to make a difference?

Michael Geist has done good work on issues on internet freedom and copyright issues for a while now….here he talks about the divide between the US and Canada on the issue of net neutrality

Nova Scotia waters seem to be mating spot for great white sharks

Uber covered up hack that affected millions- paid ransom of $100,000 to hackers

Ice-age cavern beneath Montreal

Sagittarius New Moon











Contrary to the story I highlighed last update, we have another story that paints a much more startling and grim picture about the ozone hole. This is from the Geoengineeringwatch site . Read and judge for yourself…...further coverage is here on the Globalresearch site including an audio clip discussing what may be one of the biggest issues facing the planet. Geoengineering has the potential to unleash unintended consequences on a massive and unprecendented scale in the modern world……

Further discussion on releasing particles into earth’s atmosphere to mimic volcanic eruptions and block the sun can be found in this recent Independent article…

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia rise

Sea creatures in deepest part of Earth have plastic inside them

Blood transfusions for longevity?

Largest cave in the world in Vietnam- VIDEO 

Corporate conventions brainstorm more ways to suck money out people- Monetising Millenials

Amazing video shows visuals of hurricane/forest fire season and how particles travel great distances worldwide

G-Cubes- raises awareness of ocean pollution and is helping to clean the waters in an innovative way