Mission Statement

This blog aims to be an alternative bi-weekly roundup of current events for those with limited time and a true desire to remain informed about issues and trends that matter. Integrity, an absence of ads and sensationalist stories, and consistent updates are keys to the health and value of this blog.

A balance is sought between stories that are useful to the individual and stories that give a broad perspective on world trends and issues.

The author aims to be neutral in presentation but realizes that biases are possible and asks that readers apply critical thinking, follow the links, and have the initiative to do their own searching. Truth and empowerment are always the focus.

The author writes as a hobby in his spare time in the Pacific Northwest and never stops reading and learning.

Thanks for reading!

A better world exists if we can imagine it and take positive action….


One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. Hi Warren, was nice to meet you! I like the idea of a mission statement for a blog. It keeps things in perspective and is a sound concrete idea to build around. I look forward to reading more of your pieces!


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