Solstice / Cancer New Moon June update

Recent article bashes coconut oil as an unhealthy but quotes inaccurate numbers for percentage of MCTs

Finland manages to make a nuclear waste “solution”- the world’s first repository– while the US flounders

Hack proof quantum networks at least a decade away

North Sea oil rigs being dismantled as oil enters twilight phase

Hillary emails revealing the real reasons for regime change in Libya- think gold&oil

Interesting Op-ed piece on how US seems more keen to start war with Syria than Isis♣

Aggressive killer whales shaking down fishing boats, taking back what we’ve taken

Group installs pick your own fruit orchards in LA

Eagle steals fish from boat- amazing footage

and just to mix it up, if you need a laughPoor translations


February Snow Moon – winter retreats

Inspirational 105 year old man sets cycling records

Ireland votes to divest from fossil fuels

Lettuce and broccoli rationed in the UK

Indian villagers knit sweaters for elephants due to freezing tempselephant-jumpers-4

Microplastics found in supermarket fish

Produce butchers- yeah that’s a thing- first world luxury

1 billion Yahoo accounts hacked

GPS darts track fleeing suspects- first in Canada

March ’09 News

Schwarzenegger Launches Green Corps As California Fisheries Collapse

Greenwashing seems to be all the rage among politicians but you won’t find me trusting them anytime soon with their abysmal record……

Russia gets ready for war

World Oil Production Peaked in 2008

New Nationwide Strike in France

1.2 Trillion Being Printed up by the Fed

More inflation , more unrest, more arms deals;  it’s a good time to have your life in order. Do you have a purpose? Are you able to recognize opportunities and seize them? How is your sense of timing? Do good things happen to you that show you that you’re on the right path? Do you live life worried or excited?  How is your inner game these days? These types of questions are good to ask yourself. On a more practical level are you working  for things more than people? Are you good with money? What is your special talent? What’s important to you and where are you going?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in a web of distractions and just get smacked upside the head with  reality sometimes.

Nationalising Canada’s oil

With all of the instability and uncertainty surrounding oil supplies these days, it’s seems to me that as a nation we should be taking complete or majority control of our oil supplies and diverting away from foreign sales and using them for our domestic needs. The American interests that have such a large stake in our economy wouldn’t like that to be sure but it needs to be done for our own welfare. The days of propping up the wastefulness of the American way of life are over.

These said interests would probably call us undemocratic or socialists and denounce us like they denounce Hugo Chavez in Venezuela for standing up to the imperial machine.

The CIA World Factbook states that our production of oil for 2005 (based on the IEA report) was 3.0 million b/d) while domestic consumption was 2.29 million b/d. Exports however took up around two thirds of our production coming in at 2.274 million b/d. Because of this we imported 1.18 million b/d.

The extra energy costs alone of transporting these fuels around as well as the loss of sovereignty related to us relying on imports more and more as time goes on mean that this is an unsustainable situation for Canadians to deal with.

Self-Determined Transportation

As human civilization struggles with ever increasing energy costs related to oil, people will have to become more and more responsible in their choice of lifestyles and locales in order to maintain a decent standard of living.

Transportation consumes over 60% of the global oil supply and transportation is over 90% reliant on gas and oil products for it’s energy. To say oil is important is an understatement. The way things are now, it is absolutely vital. M. King Hubbert’s idea of peak oil in the US was proved to be right years after the fact. He predicted that our non-renewable supply of crude would peak globally in the 90’s. This proved to be a little off however his prediction may finally be coming true.

You can find a good primer on peak oil here

I won’t spend any more time explaining it except to say that by definition oil is non-renewable and there seems to be a broad consensus among people that a peak will happen and the only question is when. I would also recommend watching the documentary ‘The End of Suburbia’ for more info.

Since 1999 , oil has risen from just under $20 a barrel to about $110 today with real sign of slowing down. The world’s developed nations have soaked up these increases with little change to consumption patterns while poorer countries have suffered a fair deal with food riots now starting to show up in some countries. It’s obvious that we face an uncertain future.

Adding to the uncertainty are the projected growth rates for future consumption as well as the lack of new oil discoveries. Exporters are becoming more wary about selling off their future income stream so easily when old fields are maturing and not producing as much.

If people are to turn things around and truly have a peaceful and sustainable world it will require a colossal effort. Economic restructuring is inevitable and many industries that we rely on now will be downsized to cope with the new economic realities. One example is the airline industry which is already floundering under the weight of the newfound high price of oil. What happens to this industry when oil doubles again in price? Will airline travel become a accessible to only the very well off?

For the average person, they will see increasing inflation especially with food and energy. These strains on people’s expected standard of living are not to be underestimated. People will be more and more pressured to live closer to work and find their own alternate modes of transportation as public transit systems become overwhelmed by demand by the coming spikes in price.

The mainstream media has been largely keeping this story on the back burner letting it simmer avoiding talk of peak oil in general while Wall Street predicts prices will drop.

Time as always will tell whether or not we have passed the oil heyday in physical terms and whether or not business as usual will continue.