Taurus Full Moon update

Been away traveling…..largely disconnected …. hence the lateness of this update

one story that was related to my travels was Hurricane Ophelia hitting Ireland…..which sounds like it’s rare but apparently not.…..this one could have easily hit me out in the ocean though had it tracked more southwards…..I did snap photos of chemtrails south of where the storm was tracking so perhaps there was an effort to steer it……

Here are some things that caught my eye from the last couple of months…..









Apps designed to be addictive- teens now will likely spend a decade of their life staring at a smartphone– “We’re really living in this new era that we’re not just designing software anymore, we’re designing minds.” Ponder that ……

Void found in Great Pyramid 

Coral eats plastic like we eat junk food…..

Ship exhaust makes oceanic thunderstorms more intense

Antarctic ozone hole smallest in 29 years- good news! Which led me to wonder……how about the North Pole? Well there isn’t as much of an issue there and this page does a decent job explaining the differences in temperature, chemistry, and geography

All the nukes in the world visualized

Long-lost art found on isle in Caribbean


Taurus New Moon update

Restored Colossal Statue of Ramses II(aka Ramesses) unveiled in Egypt apparently he was a redhead….strange for an Egyptian….

Once-pristine Arctic contains 300 billion pieces of plastic    what will we do about it? does this article inspire you to rethink how much plastic you consume?

Nuclear diamond batteries developed by scientists

No winners in any nuclear conflict- yet humanity still has almost 15,000 nuclear weapons out there (at least it’s better than the 32,0000 we had back in 1966)

Advertising steals your attention & time and most often gives nothing in return

Saturn probe headed for final destruction after 12 years of data collection

US interfered in foreign elections 81 times in 54 years

Britain recently went coal-free for 24 hours- a first since the 1880s

Around the world by bicycle in 7 years

Is the air on airplanes laden with toxic chemicals?

Facebook unveils plan for next year to develop virtual worlds-let’s make life a videogame! quote from the article- “If you believe Facebook has good intentions and will properly protect user privacy, it’s exciting. If you don’t, then it’s a scary step towards a dystopian future.”

Bose headphones spy on users; lawsuit filed

9 year anniversary of chaosandreason- March 28th Aries New Moon update

This blog started on this day 9 years ago and has had a small but loyal following….thank you for continuing to keep up. Send along suggestions you have for making it more valuable….or just drop a line and tell me what is inspiring you and furthering your evolution…..

thankful for water today and the turning of the seasons into spring

The deal that ignited an uprising…that you’ve probably never heard of…in 2009 a South Korean company, Daewoo, tried to buy half of Madagascar’s arable land for 99 years (they would have mowed down all of the forest to grow corn and biofuels)…..unbelievable! good on the people for rising up and putting a stop to it

Yemen is running out of water- lack of water fuels endless conflict

Study shows that smart devices actually make us poorer navigators

Smartphone app & device being developed at Harvard to test sperm count

Whales at war! Orcas vs. Sperm whales

Covert fashion camouflage against surveillance

Diego Garcia- the island stolen from natives for a military base

The realities of power and change- Google woos Republicans- after years of Democrat bias– money still flows to both parties though- big corps always have their pulse on the lever of power wherever they may land…….

JEFTA- another corporate trade deal being worked on in the background, between Japan and the EU…..of course with the EU showing cracks in unity and more and more countries wanting independence from the bureaucracy this may end up being a no-go anyways….

Ford cars hacked!

January 2017 – Full Moon update

What’s going on in the world?

China shutting down it’s ivory trade in 2017 – good news!

Inequality deepens under India’s demonetization (aka the war on cash)

Also from globalresearch….Washington behind India’s demonetization project

Artificial Intelligence replaces insurance jobs in Japan

China launches freight train line to London

Obama gives the bumblebee some protection on his way out of office – in advance of the dark ages of environmental protection that Trump’s presidency seems to portend….12bees-superjumbo

Alzheimer’s drug helps teeth heal themselves

Ever been curious about earthquakes? Recently found out about this dutchsinse feed that monitors quakes from around the world and creates visual maps, go to the youtube livestream to see the most up to date action….

Scientists suggest Atlantic current collapse (as pictured in the movie The Day After Tomorrow) could actually happen in 300 years

Firefighting blamed for megafires

How about a big picture look at things?

Or how about a REALLY big picture of things….new digital map of the cosmos

Winter Solstice update

Been 3 weeks since the last update …..a few interesting stories have popped up….really it’s much of the same nonsense as we struggle to evolve with all of our power struggles and chipping away at the planet that sustains us. However hope is never lost as we can change very quickly should we collectively decide to……santasurf

Sometimes a reality check is in order……Life on Earth is Dying. Thousands of Species Cease to Exist | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

The author of that sobering piece has created a PDF with a 15 year plan for action called the FlameTree Project -To Save Life on Earth

meanwhile the madness continues in this season of consumerism and family ties…..

Honor your parents ….as you never know when they will be gone♥…..and they’ve done so much for us ♥

France, Australia to sign ‘contract of century’ for 12 state-of-the-art submarines 

Duterte wants the death penalty back and daily executions in the Phillipines

Psychedelics as medicine made big leaps in research in 2016

Freedom, Lies, Science, and some Good News!

Good news! They finally plugged that awful methane leak in Southern California, which has been described by some as the worst environmental disaster since the BP spill

The science world was geeked about the big discovery of two black holes colliding provibinary-black-holeng the existence of gravitational waves

Inexpensive saliva test could detect cancer being worked on by California researchers

The fraudulent nature of the core of our economic system highlighted- workings of the Federal Reserve at the heart of monetary policy

Bill Gates’ philanthropy being questioned…..

Israeli boycotts to be made illegal…seems like a loss of freedom really….

What if we only had one time zone for the whole world?

In the health file – a few more notes on Zika…..Is Zika simply a lie to create profits for drug companies? The virus has been around since the 1950s and the links right now are still not totally conclusive……yet officials are warning people not to get pregnant…it’s unprecedented …..today it pays to ask more questions and not believe everything you read ……never stop questioning and thinking critically. Our survival and freedom depends on us using these critical faculties as we navigate challenging times….

The Prime Force of Destruction Revealed…..?


Is the prime force of destruction in the world today our hunger for the flesh and products derived from animals?

Just finished watching Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret last night, a documentary that makes a convincing case for veganism as the path forward to solve most of the world’s environmental problems- including water issues, deforestation, overfishing, world hunger, and dead zones in the oceans.

What I liked about this film was how it looked at issues holistically in a larger context comparing impacts with the often reviled oil and gas industries. I also loved how the filmmaker went to the largest environmental organizations and asked why they weren’t making more of an issue out of animal agriculture as being a root cause of much of what ails us. (they choose instead to focus on industrial polluters such as fracking, pulp and paper, etc.)

The film is convincing in it’s delivery and leaves one with the impression that we’ve had it wrong all along, ignoring our dinner plates and focusing instead on the usual suspects-toxic chemicals, plastic bags, recycling, etc. Of course these are all important issues on their own but the film argues that the global collective impacts of animal agriculture are orders of magnitude greater than these all together and that since we are really headed for collapse so rapidly as we muddle through this great extinction phase we need more drastic measures to reverse the tide. The film does address grassfed meat as well and the reality is that we don’t have enough land to fulfill the growing need for more ethically raised meat even if we wanted to on a worldwide level, moral issues aside.

Cowspiracy will not appeal to those who are afraid of change and are unwilling to take a hard look at their own habits in a global context. Nor will it appeal to those who like balanced films providing a lot of input from both sides of an issue. This is really a pointed call to action that takes a black & white approach to an uncomfortable issue- the slaughter of animals to satiate our tastebuds.







in the news…..

Hepatitis C cured by Canadian doctors

Parasitic worms found to increase and decrease fertility in women

China’s coal bubble : 155 plants on the drawing board despite overcapacity : Greenpeace report

Post-antibiotic resistance era imminent (no thanks to animal agriculture I might add)

Turkey shoots down a Russian airplane near Syrian border

Drone injury lawyers now a reality

Solar wind triggers lightning on Earth

White House acknowledges threats to power grid from solar storms begins to plan response

Underwater gardens off Italy’s coast