Aquarius New Moon

China moves to ban cryptocurrencies  

China’s police use facial recognition glasses

Floating wind farms put to the test off Norway

Globalization in reverse? A very sober assessment from a very knowledgeable lady Gail Tverberg , an actuary whose job is to be a reality check and acccurately assess risk

Shrinkflation stealthily reduces the size of packaged food portions- price remains the same

Amazing photo-thread of trees and their epic resiliency

US warring in Syria

So is the ozone layer really healing ? An alternate view that runs contrary to a story covered before saying all was good


Mid-April World Update

Turkey votes in a referendum to give Erdogan more power

US attack on Syria – seems like a  false flag event designed to impose a solution on a country in tatters after 6 years of civil war

Luckily North Korea didn’t blow off a nuke on their founder’s anniversary after being warned by China and the US , they opted instead to do a missile test which failed...nevertheless they appear to be prepped to blow one up soon

Nearly 2 billion people rely on food grown elsewhere

Indian court recognizes Himalayan glaciers as “legal persons” as a means of protection

Robots deliver food in San Fran

Blue whales recover from whaling in California

Japan kills 333 whales

Norway hunts 999 whales

Facial recognition in China to dispense toilet paper

March Virgo Full Moon update

A time to finish things already started and go within despite the tendency of full moons to draw us outwards………..

Southwestern US Desert wildflower superbloom greatest in 20 years

Plans made to build artificial island in the North Sea as hub for offshore wind farms

Trump invades Syria- regular troops sent in for first time

BC researchers analysing microplastics in the oceans

Wikileaks exposes vulnerabilities across all computer platforms used by CIA , etc for spying on everyone

One wonders if this story was released to get people even more apathetic about security and to give up on any hope of privacy…..

Do you aerate your lawn at this time of year? If so, chances are it’s counterproductive…..

Europe considering nuclear deterrant…. just lovely

Late August 2016 update, Sun enters Virgo

 Nova Scotia’s humble role in restoring endangered bald eagle populations- hooray for good stories! american-bald-eagles-like-these-two-eaglets-trace-their-roots-to-cape-breton

China is racing Russia to build floating nuclear reactors….seems like a dodgy idea….

meanwhile RAND thinktank envisions war with China– this insane report argues that the war is inevitable and should happen sooner rather than later for economic reasons…..

these two stories make me uneasy for our collective future…..

Zika virus now in Miami, Florida as CDC issues alert ; also a new study shows effects on adult brains

Private prisons being phased out in the US as cost savings never materialized

Are you bummed because you never learned to type? Never fear! Now voice recognition software is officially advanced enough to be faster than you could ever type

Demand for avocadoes impacts the monarch butterfly- complexities of the web of life

Turkey will be unable to join the EU if it reinstates the death penalty

English bar blocks cellphone signals to get people talking again

So you think you’re having a bad day? Think again…..

Will start with the bad and finish with the good this week…..

A few countries are lining up to invade Syria – UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

Russia claims Turkey is prepared to invade as well… if it wasn’t messy enough….sending prayers to these poor people now massing by the thousands on the borders of Turkey and elsewhere fleeing the madness

Who owns the Zika virus? this rather obscure article says that Zika is a commodity traded and sold , seems crazy but could it be true? Other articles are questioning whether the link to microcephaly in babies is even proven adequately…..Another article questions whether it was genetically modified mosquitoes released in 2012 that are the culprit    and  Yet there are still folks thinking that more genetic modification is the solution.…the WHO is ready to give the go-ahead to releasing GM mosquitoes- messing with the web of life to save ourselves , could this have unintended consequences? Desperation breeds lazy science and radical measures I suppose……

Japan sets a negative interest hoping to boost economy so this is what it’s come to eh? bad sign indeed

The privacy and security risks of smart gadgets– smart comes with a price

Ibogaine turns around the lives of those with addiction

Psychology and your gut– the connection has long been ignored but it’s there

Aussies develop ocean cleaning contraption

Robots farm lettuce in Japan – more jobs go poof!

Morocco has a new massive solar plant up and running

saharan solar

Regrowing rainforests absorb more carbon

Fall Colours and Changes

Russia Becomes 10th Foreign Gov’t to Launch Airstrikes in Syria

Russia has become the latest foreign government to launch airstrikes into Syria after carrying out a series of attacks Wednesday. The move has sparked concern from U.S. officials, who say the Russian attacks did not hit ISIL but instead hit the rebel groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including at least one group trained by the CIA. The United States and Russia have long disagreed about the strategy in Syria, with the U.S. calling for Assad’s departure and Russia backing the Syrian president. Russia became at least the 10th foreign government to launch airstrikes in Syria this year. Other countries include the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.                          Democracy Now Oct 1/15

Lights gone out from civil war in Syria

Yes we’ve truly gone off the rails folks because now we’ve bottled air for profit …and here’s the weird thing- people are buying it

Peak coal is coming says Goldman Sachs (ethically questionable mega investment firm)

Not a big story by any means by I’ve included it for something ……different         Disabled wrestling in Japan